Around Tallinn

Around Tallinn

If you’ve visited Tallinn before or have more than a couple of days to spend in this beautiful medieval city – why not head out into the countryside or visit one of the nearby islands to experience a little more of what Estonia has to offer. From manor houses to pristine nature and soviet relics to some gorgeous coastlines and fantastic beaches – Estonia might be a small country, but certainly one worth getting to know.

Lake Klooga

Lake Klooga is a lake in Klooga, northern Estonia.

Lake Klooga is 132.9 ha large, with a maximum depth of 3.6 m. The lake gets its waters from ditches and springs, the outflow takes place through the trench (Kloogajärve stream) to the Vasalemma river.

You will find a swimming bridge which was built on the lake and old watered piles were struck out, white sand at the beach area and a place for launching boats was built.

Now, people who use the beach are very comfortable and clean on the beach, and the children have the material to build on the sand castles.

The bottom of the lake was cleaned up early. You also will find Fishermen with their boats .

Pakri Lighthouse

The lighthouse is located on the northwestern tip of the Pakri peninsula on the edge of the high limestone gorge and marks the edge of the north coast on the sea side on the main shipping lane. The building may have existed during the period of Swedish power on the high coast of the Pakri peninsula. In 1724, on behalf of Peter I, a new tiled lighthouse was built. In 1760 a new 48-foot tiled lighthouse was built on the peninsula. It is possible that this was a reconstruction of the earlier building.

In 1889, a new stone lighthouse was built 80 m from the old lighthouse. The old lighthouse was dangerously close to the edge after a collapse of the coast and was therefore demolished.

Haven Kakumäe

Haven Kakumäe – the newest maritime and leisure center in Tallinn. The most modern Baltic harbor is located next to the top-class seafront apartment buildings in a quiet and family-friendly area of Kakumäe.

Excellent environment and good location make Haven Kakumäe a unique place to enjoy sailing, many leisure activities and live harmoniously with nature and the sea.

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