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Fairs in Tallinn

Tourest 2019

08.02. – 10.02.2019

TOUREST is the largest and oldest travel trade fair in the Baltic countries that has been organized by the Estonian Association of Travel Agents and Tour Operators (ETFL) since 1991. It covers all the main travel segments, offering efficient platform to meet face to face the travel-hungry consumers and

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Tallinn Boat Show 2019

01.03. – 03.03.2019

The year’s most waited maritime event in Estonia is also the biggest boat show in the Baltic states. On the 7500 sqm of exhibition stands our visitors have plenty to see, experience and purchase. Boat Show has 100 exhibitors and close to 140 boats. Last year the show had 10400 visitors from all over Estonia and from Finland, Latvia and Russia aswell.

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Tallinn Motor Show 2019


Motomessil valitakse taas motomissi!

Tunamullu Tallinn Motor Show raames esmakordselt korraldatud ja väga populaarseks osutunud missivõistlus tuleb jälle. „Motomiss 2019“ kuulutatakse välja 9. märtsil 2019, kogupere motomessi teisel päeval aset leidva show käigus. Tiitli pälvib kümne eelhääletuse tulemusel finaali pääsenud kandidaadi seast žürii ja …

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Estbuild 2019


International building fair Estbuild 2019

-annual international building fair since 1997 the most well-known brand of Estonian fair market

-searches possibilities to survive the economic recession in building market

has the largest number of exposition area, participants and visitors among Estonian special trade fairs

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Interior 2019


Furnishings INTERJÖÖR is a traditional furnishing event at the Estonian Exhibition Center, which aims to provide as much information as possible on new and existing trends in the furniture, interior design and design world, inspiration for home, home and office furnishing, decoration or renovation, and everything from an interesting interior area.

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Gardening 2019


at the Estonian Exhibition Center

The exhibition “Gardening” is one of the longest traditions in Estonia with the aim of offering companies unlimited opportunities to present and sell their respective products and services. At the same time, the exhibition center “Interior 2019” also houses the furniture, interior design and design fair.

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Beauty word 2019 SPRING


Spring fair

The focus of the spring fair lies on beauty procedures which are more befitting the spring/summer season and products that are related to health and wellness.

The health and wellness theme of the spring fair has been growing by each year. Natural and local handmade cosmetics, health foods, food supplements, pharmaceutical cosmetics, mental health and wellbeing, active lifestyles and everything related will from now on belong to the spring fair only.

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Motorex 2019



“It’s been ten years since the last crazy car show. From the fair, which was the honor and pride of the Estonian trade fair! The Messiah, which stimulated the car market and the senses of visitors! And we are happy to say that we will do it again!

22-26 May 2019 Exhibition of Motorex 2019 at Auto- ja Tehnika Exhibition Center in Estonia.

We bring together the Estonian automotive sector and the community. In addition to the exclusive business environment, Motorex offers visitors a true viewing experience and, of course, brings the latest news and directions to the car market!

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Maalehe fair 2019


A useful meeting place for the rural economy

For more than 31 years Maaleht has been committed to Estonian rural life and Estonian life. Passed the editions of Estonian people right in the heart, appreciated the achievements of the Estonian people, being at the roots.

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Beauty word 2019 AUTUMN


Autumn Fair

The focus of Beauty Word Autumn is on professional beauty products and procedures, offering work supplies, uniforms, trainings, masterclasses and newest trends in the field for beauty, health and wellness specialists. Mass consumption and end consumer targeted products are also presented of course, but rather than focusing on retail sales, the main aim of the autumn fair is to offer new ideas, inspiration and new knowledge.

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Instrutec 2019


Industrial fair Instrutec

Instrutec, organised since 1995, is the leading event of Estonian industrial market. The exposition and information, counselling and training events of Instrutec give an overview of the present condition and development potential of Estonian metal, mechanical engineering, tooling, wood and sawmilling industries and on the other side, bring the specialists the newest scientific, technical and technological advancements of this field in another countries.

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