The 4 insider tips of the best restaurants in Tallinn Old Town

Our recommended restaurants are just a few steps from our appartment away …

Olde Hansa Tallinn Retaurant

Here we live according to the old Hanseatic customs, which are expressed
in every act and every little detail of the servants, the current dwellers of the house. Everything
that you see, hear, taste or touch, has been made by the role models of 15th century…..

‘My team of Chefs and I carefully research our recipes from documented
medieval texts. We then blend all our freshly-sourced produce
with indigenous herbs and also spices that would have come to Estonia
by way of the Hanseatic League’s trade routes from the Far East.’

Grand Chef – Emmanuel Wille

35 Years of Experience including with a Michelin Starred Restaurant

Cuisine: Mediterranean
Local: medieval style
Price: * * pleasant value for money
Tip: popular, table reservation recommended

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Opened in 2007, Dominic is a classical restaurant located in a building with long and interesting history in the Old Town of Tallinn. Our European cuisine is complemented by a rich wine list. You can also enjoy a good choice of cigars in the cigar room.

Please reserve a table if you wish to enjoy a business lunch or a private dinner so we can offer you the highest quality of service.

They organize frequent authentic wine dinners to introduce different countries and their regions culture, food and wines.

These cbd oil for pain events also have foreign guests, who introduce us to their countries less known traditions.

Cuisine: European cuisine
Local: high level
Price: * * pleasant value for money
Tip: very popular, table reservation recommended

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The Peppersack Restaurant

is located in an interesting historical house in the heart of Tallinn’s Old Town, in the immediate vicinity of the Town Hall Square. On several floors, space is available at Peppersack for large groups as well as romantic corners for couples. The doors are already open in the early morning, when the Peppersack café serves oven-warm baked goods and delicious morning coffee. The Kolme Konna Grill (Three Frog Grill) with an open kitchen is located in the basement with a gothic vaulted ceiling. Here wonderful grilled dishes are prepared right under the guests’ eyes. It is worth visiting the Peppersack for its much praised house beer, which is made according to historical recipes. The doors of the Peppersack house are open to everyone!

Cusine: The Kolme Konna Grill (Three Frog Grill)
Local: high level
Price: * * pleasant value for money
Tip: very popular, table reservation recommended

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Short is the road to the pub
and the bench yonder is pitchy!

III Draakon

is an old-fashioned pub wherein all the meals cost 1-3 units of money. But double is demanded for the drinks! All the hungry should thereof tuck 1 and the thirsty 2 units of euromoney into their purse otherwise there’s no thought of coming. Whoever is brisk enough to angle out a morsel from the pickles barrel will be rewarded for the trouble and is asked no charge for it. A visitor with a heftier purse is the king yet the lady of the house is always right!

Cusine: great estonian food cost 1 – 3
Local: old fashioned pub
Price: * * pleasant value for money
Tip: very popular, table reservation recommended

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