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Apartments in Old Town Tallinn
Old Town Apartment is located at
in the Center of the Old Town of Tallinn

luxury apartment for rent

Find your heaven of peace and quiet in the very heart of an ever vibrant city. Step outside the courtyard gates and the finest establishments Old Town Tallinn has to offer instantly welcome you!

Deep inside the precious architectural jewelry box that is ancient Reval, lies well-hidden and carefully kept under lock and key, a true diamond: The Rye. Shiny, polished, beautiful, multifaceted, unique, one-of-its-kind; reserved for the finest only and to be admired and enjoyed from every angle.

Since Viking times, many a traveling merchant has been finding their haven of peace and quiet in the very heart of an ever vibrant city, right in this very room. Tenderly hugged by the thick 13th-century walls, and the softest Estonian linens renowned for centuries, check-out is optional.

the kitchen

The Medieval ambience of the historic Tallinn Old Town encasing your snug and comfortable existence. Sumptuous luxury you’d want to sink in and never leave, one night at a time.

Freshly renovated in 2018 to 21st century standards, using only the highest quality materials and furnishings yet respecting every little bit of the place’s priceless medieval charm, we have taken care of everything on our part to ensure that you enjoy an impeccable stay, one night at a time.

And you certainly will not be in a hurry to leave, with a fully equipped, premium kitchen that allows for preparing those elaborate medieval banquets, a regal bed where even the most difficult sleepers will find rest, and a closet which could hold many a ballgown. Coffee, tea, breakfast and a selection of finer local delicacies are on the house, as are guaranteed fresh flowers and scented candles.

Luxury Apartments in Tallinn

The finest stay in the Baltics – luxury apartments and holiday accommodation in Tallinn

Yours, Kristiina

Tallinn & Estonia

Surrounding area Tallinn

Whether you’re in Estonia for a day or longer, there’s plenty of time and reason to explore what lies beyond the capital city.

From fishermen’s villages to rural islands, from bogs to old soviet barracks – there’s so many unique, relaxing and exciting places nearby Tallinn for a diverse range of interests.

A day trip out of Tallinn should include a visit to the coast where among other things you can try surfing, hiking, skiing and golfing. If you’d like to explore further than just the coast, then head across the sea and discover the many tiny rural islands a short sail away. For those looking for something a bit more alternative, there are a number of tours to the coastal town of Paldiski. The once closed off Soviet nuclear submarine training centre was the largest such facility in the by-gone Soviet Union.

What to see & do in Estonia

Estonia has a low population density and plenty of untouched nature. Three quarters of the territory is covered by forests and bogs. Our air is among the cleanest in the world, and the freedom to roam is codified in law. The natural diversity is emphasized by not four, but five seasons.

To describe Estonian land and nature, words like clean, quiet, calm, untouched, mystical and ancient, among plenty of others, could be used. Our nature tourism offer includes numerous products like hiking trails in bogs and mires, nature parks, birdwatching sites, bicycle tours and canoeing. Our numerous islands, coastal cliffs and population that honours the green way of living make Estonia a top notch destination for nature lovers.

our customers give feedback - we say "aitäh"

our guests say thank you!

“I don’t even know where to start… this was such a wonderful experience and I highly recommend everyone who is looking to stay in Tallinn to stay here!
The apartment itself was stunning. Kristiina, Mik, and Jonathan have really put so much thought into the style and small touches of the place.
Overall, this stay was by far a highlight and we will definitely be coming back! Thank you so much.”

“I cannot recommend this apartment highly enough. It is beautiful, warm and comfortable. It is located right in the middle of the old town so good access to everything you could want and set back in a gated courtyard, which was quiet and peaceful. There should be a super, super, super host grade for Kristiina, Jonathan and Mik who showed us such thoughtfulness and kindness in helping make our stay both special and memorable to mark our wedding anniversary. We can’t wait to come back next year…”

“Amazing location, great hosts and an amazing apartment.

“Oh my, if we just could have taken the atmosphere with us back home. Kristiina’s place is so beautiful and stylish and sweet-scented and all the high-quality materials…
It felt like we would have stayed in a nice boutique hotel.
Next time in Tallinn, no need to look for other place to stay!”

“the apartment is so beautifully finished that I’m now dying to do some work on my own house!”

Wonderful place, terrific host with great eye for warm, thoughtful design, in a location that is as close to perfect as you can get. I really should write negative things so I could keep this place all to myself, but if you’re travelling solo or as a couple and want to enjoy everything in the old town while having a brilliant bolt hole, it doesn’t get better than this.

“On the “Cosy” factor, this is the top Airbnb stay I have ever had, bar none.”

The guest is the king

If there is anything that embodies the spirit and traditions of Estonia, it is rye. Having been cultivated on these very lands for well over a thousand years and still being a quintessential part of local everyday life, by the Middle Ages Estonian rye had become the reference, as the country became one of the main exporters of rye into the rest of the Old World.

With our Rye we too would like to become the nationwide, and indeed international, reference when it comes to luxury hospitality and we intend to elevate things to a whole new, for Estonia as of yet unseen, standard. The Rye brand ought to be synonymous with sublime quality, indeed, the very best found on the market, in a league of its own above and beyond any similar listings. When talking about the Baltics, The Rye should roll off the tongue as the epitome of what this country can offer to the more demanding traveler.

Many nice travel impressions

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More service, more experience

With us you enjoy the freedom of a holiday apartment, without giving up an extra portion of good service. It is a matter of the heart to make your stay in Tallinn as comfortable as possible.

Just arrive, switch off and refuel.

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